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Kayaking is a great sport that combines physical activity with the beauty and tranquility of nature. If you would like to get started with this sport Blake Griffin Jersey , there are a few things you need to know. As with any form of outdoor recreation, learning the basics before you begin will make your kayaking adventure much more enjoyable.

Tip 1 Choose the Right Kayak

Choosing the right kayak is the first step on your adventure. There are many different types out there. The boat that is right for you will depend on your goals as a kayak enthusiast.

First, what type of water will you be using your boat on? Calm water and fast moving water require different boats. Are you going to paddle by yourself, or will you want someone else with you? How often do you anticipate using your boat? The more often you use it, the more durable you will want the kayak to be.

You can always rent kayaks first to get the feel for the different types that are available.
Once you have chosen the right boat, carefully time your purchase. Buying in the off season will help you get an affordable price. You can also shop online or buy your boat through the classifieds. Before shopping, however Austin Rivers Jersey , make sure you know what you want. Visit a few showrooms to get an idea of what is available.

Tip 2 Getting the Right Gear

Other than the boat itself, what do you need to start kayaking? One of the most important pieces of safety equipment that every person in a kayak needs is a PFD, or Personal Flotation Device. These are high tech life vests that will keep you above water if the boat should capsize. Kayaking requires a Type II or Type V PFD. These are lightweight, fairly easy to put on, and quite fashionable, not like the life vests you are probably picturing.

Typically, the more you pay for a PFD the more comfortable it will be. The more expensive models have softer foam and can be adjusted easier than the cheaper options. If you need to save money Authentic Clippers Hats , consider buying new.

The other piece of equipment you will need is a kayak paddle. If you can, try out a variety of paddle types. If you do not have this luxury, you will probably be happy with an aluminum shaft adjustable paddle with a flat blade that has blunt or tapered ends as you are beginning your kayaking adventure. After you have learned more about the sport you may want to upgrade your paddle, but this paddle will give you the flexibility you need to paddle in a variety of situations.

Tip 3 Getting in and out of the Kayak

Now that you have a kayak and your basic gear, you are ready to begin. You take your boat to the river, don your PFD, and suddenly realize you have no idea how to get into the kayak. Here is what you need to know.

If you are in shallow water Authentic Clippers Hoodie , dip your paddle into the water and brace it against the side of the kayak to keep it steady. You can also use the dock edge to steady the boat if you are in deep water. Once the boat is steady, sit on the edge of the dock with your legs hanging over the side. Line your feet up evenly with your entry point, and drop the line into the cockpit. Swing one foot and then the other into the cockpit, crouch down, and sit. Grab your paddle, adjust your line so it is out of the way, and you are ready to go. Getting out of the kayak is basically the same Authentic Clippers T-Shirts , only backwards. Be sure to keep a good hand on your paddle so that you do not lose it.

Tip 4 Paddle Correctly

Paddling does involve exercise, but it should not be exhausting. Avoid using a motion that is similar to digging into the sand. Instead, lean back in your seat and relax. This not only helps you paddle more efficiently, but it also keeps the boat stable. Hold the paddle in both hands using an over handed hold. Your thumbs should be underneath the bar. Let your torso make most of the movements. Pull with the arm that is making the downward stroke and push the shaft away with the arm that is making the upward stroke. This sounds complicated, but you will get the rhythm as you practice.

Tip 5 Be Prepared

There are some things that you need to have ready in order to be safe on the water. Make sure that you have an audible safety signal device clipped to your PFD. Also, be sure that you have a spare paddle, especially if your kayaking trip will be long. Paddles can get lost in deep water Customized Clippers Jersey , so having a spare is always a good idea. This can be a collapsible paddle if you need to save room.

Before you leave, check the weather and water conditions, not just in your current location, but also at your destination. If a storm is approaching, postpone your trip. This is essential if you are a beginner, because a sudden storm could mean disaster.

A repair kit and first aid kit are also important. Be sure that your repair kit includes some duct tape. Your first aid kit must be contained in an airtight, waterproof container. Finally Authentic Clippers Jerseys , pack a flashlight, even if you do not intend to be on the water at night. If you get stranded after dark, a flashlight will keep you safe and help you find your way to shore.

With these tips, you should be as prepared as possible to start kayaking. Remember to go with experienced kayak enthusiasts the first few times you go out, as they can help you with the problems you will face as you learn this exciting sport.
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