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I was listening to a morning radio show on my way to work this morning Brewers Tyler Thornburg Jersey , and when I say on my way to work, I mean walking from my kitchen with a fresh iced coffee in hand to my home office. The morning show was about saying YES to new things, it challenges it’s listeners to say YES to things they normally would say NO to, for 30 days.

In the spirit of the Yes Man movie, in all its hilarity, it has a real serious lesson to take from it. Life will pass you by if you sit back and watch. Take control of your life by taking chances, staring fear in the eye Brewers Travis Shaw Jersey , and saying good-bye to all your doubts.

When you’re a kid you are fearless, nothing can phase you, and then you grow into an adult and become full of fear. Fear of failing, fear of taking a chance on love and life, and fear of not being good enough of not having what it takes to succeed.

When I first joined this industry I had tons of fears. I didn’t let that stop me because I knew that I had a chance to better my life, and the lives of the ones I love. All I wanted to do is help people, people like you reading this blog post Brewers Stephen Vogt Jersey , who are searching for an answer. I knew that if I quit, the most important person I would let down, is myself. So I made a decision, a scary decision to persevere, I said YES to all the challenges I face, to the opportunities that came my way and I said YES to my dreams, and today I am proud to say that I did it.

So Brewers Scooter Gennett Jersey , I invite you to say YES, and watch a training video or read my blog everyday for 30 days, and be inspired, but most importantly be in control of your destiny.

Saying Yes can and will present more opportunities throughout your life. If you want to say YES to an opportunity that has not only changed my life but those around me, be open and say YES TO THIS.

BEIJING, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- China will build national cultural demonstration zones to serve as a driving force for cultural development, announced the Ministry of Culture Friday.

The first batch of ten zones include the Chengde Mountain Resort in north China's Hebei Province Brewers Ryan Braun Jersey , Beijing Road Culture-Oriented Core Area in southern Guangdong Province and Whitehorse Lake Creative Eco-City in eastern Zhejiang Province.

The zones will be named "national cultural demonstration zones" after examinations in three years' time, said the ministry.

The zones feature industries ranging from tourism, fine arts and entertainment to design and animation.

The ministry will ensure the zones are influential platforms for cultural, scientific and technological innovation.

by Jon Day

TOKYO, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ruling coalition retaining a two-thirds majority in the lower house election on Sunday will likely pave the way for parliamentary debate on the contentious issue of the first-ever amendment to Japan's war-renouncing constitution, informed sources here said.

But changing Japan's Supreme Law for the first time since World War II is far from a foregone conclusion, political commentators here attested Brewers Robin Yount Jersey , despite the two-thirds majority achieved by the LDP and its Komeito party ally in Sunday's election.

The coalition's two-thirds majority at the lower house does mean that debate on the thorny issue can proceed notionally, as the majority is required at both houses of parliament to formally propose a revision to the constitution and the coalition already has the requisite majority in the upper house.

Numerous hurdles, however, will need to be straddled before Abe's and other pro-reformists' aspirations can be brought to fruition, political watchers here said.

None more so than the majority needed in a public referendum on the issue, should the notion clear both houses of parliament.

"The cabinet (of Prime Minister Abe) and the National Diet will begin debate on the issue of constitutional amendment and Japanese politics has now entered a stage of so-called constitutional politics," Dr. Shin Chiba Brewers Paul Molitor Jersey , professor with Special Appointment at International Christian University, told Xinhua.

"The legislature may pass the resolution to step forward to a referendum on the matter, but the Japanese populace is divided almost half and half on this issue, so this will cause fierce debate in society," the specialist in political theory explained.

He added that it might be the case that sections of society may be in favor of constitutional amendment, but that, "there still exists a general attachment Brewers Orlando Arcia Jersey , both logical and emotional, to the current pacifist constitution in terms of the general public's opinions and sentiment."

The politically and socially divisive issue of amending Japan's pacifist constitution has since the LDP's establishment in 1955 been adopted in several of the party's fundamental platforms, with conservative, pro-reform factions becoming more vociferous on the issue from the 1990s to date.

The LDP's recent drive for constitutional amendment, led by Abe, however, has been matched by staunch demurral from opposition parties Brewers Matt Garza Jersey , constitutional scholars and sizable sections of the Japanese society, with the nucleus of the highly-polarized issue being Article 9 of the constitution.

It states, "Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes."

"Land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained."

Experts have pointed out Brewers Lorenzo Cain Jersey , Abe's legacy-led quest to amend the constitution by specifically referencing Japan's Self-Defense Forces (SDF), on the back of relatively new and controversial security legislation, and, the potential thereafter to broaden the operational scope of the nation's military on a global stage, has perturbed a multitude of lawmakers, scholars and peace-loving citizens here.

"Abe's reasons are ve.


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